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Brand Identity


Brand identity is what I do. I love working with brands, whether it’s to create a new brand or adjust an existing one. Good branding should make your company stand out from its competitors, whilst also communicating the character of your company. With this in mind I aim to:

  • Deliver a clear message
  • Connect with your customers
  • Grow your business faster
  • Reach your goals
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What is
Brand Identity?

Visual Devices

Brand Identity is the visual devices used within a company. This includes all marketing materials, from brochures and leaflets, through to invoices and packaging. Usually these are controlled by a set of brand guidelines that dictate how they look. Essentially, acting like an anchor, keeping all marketing materials and visual devices consistent and coherent. Ultimately this allows a common perception of your company to build.


Basic Brand Guidelines


Brand Identity packages usually include a Logo Design. A great deal of time is spent creating a logo that will inspire trust, convey professionalism and communicate business values.


Selected colours create an appropriate scheme to suit your brand, its values and goals. These are supplied to you within the Brand Guidelines as Hex, RGB and CMYK.


Even the font is carefully considered. These selected fonts are accompanied by rules that stipulate the font weight and colours, whilst also indicating when and where to use them.

Final designs are supplied in several formats to allow for maximum usability. For example, a scalable vector format is used to create the logo. Whereas the final branding guidelines will be supplied as a useful PDF document.

If a more in-depth Brand Identity is required please let me know. My belief is that your brand should work hard for you and if this requires extended usage guidelines or extra graphics as part of the package, then it can be added.

Our Brand Guidelines

Branding Strategy

Planning for Branding

The way in which a Brand Identity is delivered across all of your marketing material makes a huge difference. Brand Guidelines should help you to manage and protect a brand. We aim to create brand identities that do exactly that. This is achieved by listening carefully and researching diligently before we start to create. Getting the brand identity right in the first place can save a lot of time (and pain) in the future.

Heres a quick run through the process for you:

  • Research to define and prioritise goals
  • Strategy development to ensure continuity
  • Design the Logo & Brand Identity
  • Apply consistently to create a visual style
  • Analyse for continuous development
  • Get recognised and grow
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Brand Identity and Strategy

Core Values

What’s your Story?

When creating a brand identity I try to keep it real, due to an idealised image not being a relatable one. First of all, Certo Design focus on why your company began and with what intensions. Furthermore, I use these core values to help build an instantly recognisable and memorable brand that will stand out from your competition.

Brand Identity Morals and Character

Featured Branding

Our Latest Branding Projects

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Brand Identity Extras

Branding Materials & More

Do you or your business need help with implementing Brand Guidelines too? I offer a range of design services that can do just that…

So, please allow me to take this opportunity and share Branding and Graphic Design related services with you. I think you will find them of interest.

Brand Identity Extras - Business Card Design
  • Branding Guidelines

    Logo Design

    Gain instant identification with a bold logo design that will become synonymous with your brand or business. Read More

  • Graphic Design

    Advertisement Design

    Flyer and Leaflet Design is a great start. Perhaps the next step is to advertise in a Magazine or Newspaper. If your business or product would appeal to a certain publications target audience, why not try an advert? Read More

  • Business Card Design

    Business Cards

    Use your logo on a business card to make a memorable first impression and spread the word. Read More

  • Social Media Graphics

    Social Media

    Every business now needs a social media account to connect with customers. For an extra fee we are happy to supply logos in extra sizes and even set up you social images to ensure your logo looks great. Read More

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