5 Brand Identity Examples

Consistency is king when it comes to building a memorable brand. For example, the biggest brands stand out to us because of the relentless repetition of their logo, fonts and colours. Eventually we see these elements enough for them to become instantly recognisable and synonymous with the business or product. Therefore giving us a sense of security in familiarity. The Brand Identity examples listed below vary in how thorough they are, but by having a look, you should understand how these rules encourage consistency... and maybe find some inspiration too.

Brand Guidelines

Consistency is the goal and the first step towards this goal is to establish a set of Brand Guidelines or a 'Style Guide'.

Brand Guidelines are essentially a rulebook to help a company's designers, and any employees to whom it may concern, sing from the same hymn sheet. Ultimately ensuring they are working towards the same vision. This vision of which is often outlined in a mission statement.

Here at Certo Design we have decided to share with you a small list of brand identity examples that we have found inspiring...

Cisco Brand Identity Example


Cisco have not only created an extensive style guide but also made it interactive and available online. Section by section, from logo to vision, you can view it all. However, you might notice that there is no colour palette mentioned in the style guide. Don't worry! This is because they have a whole page dedicated to an extended colour palette here.

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NASA Brand Identity Example


NASA have called their brand guidelines a 'Standards Manual' but it's the same thing. However, the the word 'manual' does give you a hint as to the complexity of the guidelines stipulated within.

This lengthy manual lists a huge range of parameters, from logo placements and colour palettes to branding rules for vehicles.. space shuttles... even satellites!

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The Guardian Brand Identity Example

The Guardian

Yes, even newspapers have brand guidelines. Perhaps more strenuous than you would first expect. Again, Logo and Colours are featured but Layout is also of upmost importance. This helps to achieve not only consistency in design but also a unique style of legibility that sets it apart from other newspapers.

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Brewdog Brand Identity Example


The Brewdog brand guidelines have been uniquely created by in a traditional letterpress typesetting studio. This method really captured the craft behind the art of brewing beer. Hence it was distributed across the range to create a very cool and on-trend brand, helping them become a well know name within the craft beer scene.

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Sky Sports Brand Identity Example

Sky Sports

Sky Sports underwent a huge brand overhaul recently. Although the Sky Sport branding compromises many genres, we feel they have done a great job refining and applying the new branding consistently. Ultimately creating a fresh and modern feel, whilst also subtly differentiating between the genres.

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We hope you find theseĀ brand identity examples and instances of branding a good source of inspiration. Whilst assessing your a brand we find it important to concentrate purely on your business first and establish its place within the marketplace, it goals and ethos. However, as designers, inspiration is always a valued commodity. This inspiration can come in many forms, including other brands.

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