To Love & To Cherish Website Design

Following a recent collaboration to create a logo design, Certo Design was approached by To Love & To Cherish Vintage. This time to create a WordPress website.

The Brief

To Love & To Cherish Vintage is a local, friendly business offering high-quality Vintage Bone China for Hire, along with several props. The brief was to create a simple but easy-to-use website. The To Love and To Cherish Vintage Website Design would require branding that elaborated on the logo styling, with floral elements and pastel colours, for example.


Getting Started

As always, Certo Design Design Services start with talking to the client about what they want. In other words, we went and talked to Nichola at To Love & To Cherish Vintage so that we could see how she envisioned the website and its role within her business.

After talking to Nichola about the website we got started. Initially, we set up a holding page. To do this, we found a lovely (royalty free) image for the background, then set up a contact form for anyone who found the website prematurely.

The Design Process

Nichola was very organised - as you would expect from a wedding co-ordinator and planner. Consequently, we knew exactly what pages were needed and had content ready for each. However, the Homepage was our primary concern. So, by using the provided content and the previously designed logo as our guides we designed and created several graphic elements. These elements were to form a base for the website branding.

Once we were happy with the homepage design and layout it was time to show Nichola what we had so far, and to get some feedback. We find customer interaction and regular feedback lets the customer see progress. While it also helps us to create a website design that fulfils the brief. Nichola was very positive with her feedback, but did make some alterations and suggestions, as was expected. These were discussed and Certo Design moved on to creating the other pages and implementing the altered branding.


The Finishing Touches

Once we had populated the other pages required, the To Love & To Cherish Vintage Website Design started to take shape. After the inputting content it was time to style the remaining pages, with the branding that was applied to the homepage.

With all the content in place we then turned our attention to SEO (search engine optimisation). All Certo Design Website Designs include basic SEO, with titles and meta descriptions set up for every page.

Once this process was complete, Certo Design got in touch with Nichola again.

This time Nichola came to the Certo Design office. Once settled in we talked through the website and made a few alterations. This process allowed our client to see first hand how to use the website. Once happy with the website we gave a quick tutorial on how to use the WordPress content management system. Therefore allowing Nichola to have full control of her website and update it herself.

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