Anderson Wedding Invite Design

A personal project - a wedding invite design for my own wedding! Yes that's right, I proposed in the summer and now it is time to get the invites sent out, now that we have confirmed all the venues. To start with with I will note that I am essentially the designer with my fiancé playing the role of client.

Wedding Theme

The Wedding Invite design would require working backwards a little. In order to give a little hint, as to what guests can expect on our big day.

To do this we had to first think about what venue, theme and colours palette we would want for the wedding. So once we settled on the venue in Greece, the colour blue was an obvious choice.

The most obvious element of the wedding is that it will be abroad and would require the guests to come on holiday with us. With this in mind, a holiday/travel theme was established for the invites.

Wedding Invite Theme

Wedding invite sleeve

References were gathered and ideas were generated. All things considered, we settled on the idea of designing the invites in the style of a ticket. Of which would be presented in an envelope in a style reminiscent of an old ticket sleeve.

Receiving an invite should be special. With this in mind we decided to liven up the brown card we selected for the sleeve. Not only did we print a unique pattern on the interior, but we also sealed it with a personalised wax seal.

Wedding Invite Sleeve Design

Wedding invite design

With the sleeve design now finished, the wedding ticket design now had my full attention.

All the important information was to be displayed on the front. This included the date, venue and website address. Not forgetting the RSVP that was styled as a tickets stub, which allows the lucky recipients to tear off the RSVP and return via the envelope also provided.

To start with, basic branding was selected for the ticket design. This comprised of several fonts and extending the colour palette. Then I created several visual elements. Most notably, the stamps that can be seen across the ticket and sleeve.

Wedding Invite Design

As a result both the ticket and sleeve look like they belong together as one item, along with the printed RSVP envelopes.. oh, and a little plane magnet too!

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