White Powder Logo Design & Branding

A new Ski and Snowboard clothing brand required a modern, clever yet simple logo design, along with complete branding guidelines.

The Brief

White Powder is a locally based business offering unique, graphic T-Shirts for anyone who loves the white stuff - Snow that is! The brief was to create a brand that incorporated a simple and striking colour scheme. The branding would become the foundation for the whole brand and help form future designs. Furthermore, the White Powder Logo Design was to feature heavily on initially range of clothing, in order maximising brand awareness.

Getting Started

Certo Design Design Services always start with getting to know the client and their business. In other words, we met up for a coffee and had an informal chat. This was essential to establish details of the brief and get to know more about the project. Such as the target audience, the character of the business and end goals.

After the first meeting I went straight back to the office and started work on mood boards and branding examples. Due to having a face-to-face conversation there was plenty to go off and plenty of ideas. This combined with thorough research enabled us to provide a thoroughly considered mood board for our next meeting.

The Design Process

Upon reconvening we shared the mood board and elements, then shared ideas - we were on the same page! Furthermore, the initial mood board was a hit and a we swiftly established the visual identity. A colour scheme and font were chosen and we moved onto the logo design.

It was decided that a simple line based icon was to be used, along side text, for maximum usability. With this in mind we got to work... 'Full steam ahead' in the Certo Design office!

The design process involves quickly generating lots of rough ideas, one after another. With this design it was a case of experimenting with shapes. More specifically lines. I concentrated on using bolder, broader lines. This was due to the initial research - to ensure there was impact. Particularly when flying down a mountain side.

We narrowed down and evolved the logo design, with a little bit of back and forth in between. Finally we settled on a finished design then applied the brand colours.

The Finishing Touches

Once we the logo design was decided upon, I then created a final, more precise design. This was carefully designed using guides to ensure symmetry in the logo and exact angles.

Furthermore, as part of the brand identity, we provided brand guidelines. Thereby instructing how to use the logo. Such as the space to be left around the logo, the proximity of the logo text and the colours that should be applied.


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