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We are logo design experts and will ensure that your business makes its mark and stands out within a competitive marketplace. As part of a quality brand, a creative and bold logo design will make your company instantly recognisable.

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What is a Logo?

Identify your Brand

A logo's primary purpose is not to sell or describe a brand or business. A logo's purpose is to identify. This is often done by the use of a mark or symbol, of which derives its meaning from the company or business that it symbolises, not the other way around. In other words, a logo is essentially acting as visual identification for a company or brand. A good logo design will help you stand out from the crowd.

Logo Design Process

What's our design process?

At Certo Design we have refined our Logo Design process over many years. This process has been created in order to get the best end results. First we start with research and evaluation. This includes talking to the client whilst also doing our own research. Then we move on to the creative stuff! In fact we indulge ourselves and generate as many concepts as possible. Then there's a bit of back-and-forth, which is important in order to evolve the design. We encourage critical analysis and the sharing of our concepts to get more feedback. With this feedback we can then evolve the logo and finalise the design.

Certo Design Research Logo - Logo Design Clitheroe, Lancashire


To create a logo we need to have a good understanding of what your company is, what it does and your business aims. Once we have established this we can then create a logo that help you achieve your goals.

Certo Design Develop Logo - Logo Design Clitheroe, Lancashire


After getting to know your business we can generate ideas and create visual representations that endorse its core values. Then we supply multiple concepts to the customer, before openly discussing the designs, so that we can develop and evolve the designs.

Certo Design Finalise Logo - Logo Design Clitheroe, Lancashire


Our work process allows you to be involved throughout the design process, so at this stage it is a case of finalising the finer details. We then create your finished logo in several formats, including vector based files to allow optimum usage.

The colour, font, size and shape of your logo can affect the perceptions of a customer. Although you can't expect your logo design to resonate with everyone, this logo design process offers you the best opportunity to bring your brand to life.

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Logo Design Extras

Branding and more

If you need a logo design then it would be sensible of us to assume you are either starting a business or rebranding.

So, please allow us to take this opportunity and share Branding and Graphic Design related services with you. We think you will find them of interest.

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    Keep your Brand Identity consistent with Brand Guidelines - rules on how to implement your Brand. Particularly useful if many people will be using your Branding. Read More

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  • Leaflet & Flyer Design

    Market to the masses and expand your target audience with well designed Flyers and Leaflets. Read More

  • Social Media

    Every business now needs a social media account to connect with customers. For an extra fee we are happy to supply logos in extra sizes and even set up you social images to ensure your logo looks great. Read More

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